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THE TOP OF MIND ISSUE  for most of our IMTS visitors was getting more quality parts out the door faster to satisfy unusually high levels of customer demand.

Better Grinding Performance Now!!!!

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CLEAR A PATH to faster deliveries without sacrificing quality by making incremental changes that improve grinding performance.

Meister’s 2018 IMTS exhibit was the best yet in terms of the number of visitors to the booth and the  dozens of recommendations and quotes requested as a result of our “Ask the Meister Experts” program. There was one matter consistently on top of the minds of almost all our visitors: keeping pace with an almost unprecedented demand for parts in today’s hot economy. In short: Surviving in the jungle.

They were concerned about getting more parts out the door to keep up with demand. They wanted to know how it is possible to maintain high levels of quality at higher throughputs. They were also worried about how pushing grinding process throughput might result in burning through higher levels of consumables (like grinding wheels) and degrade profitability.

Boosting throughput, getting more parts per wheel, increasing dressing intervals, and maintaining high quality levels are objectives that fall under the broad category of Improved Grinding Process Performance. Improved grinding performance is, of course, always a laudable objective, but is it one that can actually be achieved in the heat of this current moment?  Based on our decades of experience helping customers tune up grinding processes, we believe that the answer to this question for many of our followers is YES!  To this end we offer several resources.

NEED TO BLAZE A TRAIL through perplexing grinding problems? Follow the links on this site.

1. How-To-Info: For over many years now, our blog, 225-800-6790  has become an exceptionally useful repository of easily referenced “how-to” material. If you skim through it, or use the handy search vehicle, you are likely to find many ideas that would apply to grinding process improvements that would serve you very well today.

2. Handy Tools: The Tools/Calculators” section of the Toolbox presently contains nine specific tools with which to set up efficient grinding processes and to troubleshoot problems. Four of the most appropriate for these times are:

Dressing Calculation Tool. Dressing better impacts every aspect of grinding performance. This tool is designed to assist the user in setting up the optimal parameters for rotary dressing of vitrified CBN and Diamond grinding wheels.

Dressing Tutorial. New to dressing or looking for a refresher? This tutorial uncovers some of the mysteries of this very important part of the grinding process.

Total Cost Calculation Tool. This tool is designed to help the user assess the total cost of their grinding process. Abrasive, machine, and labor costs are all considered.

Top 10 Bore Grinding Problems/Solutions. A comprehensive white paper, Top Ten Bore Grinding Problems ….and how to solve them TODAY” provides in-depth solutions to the ten most common problems encountered during bore grinding. A handy reference chart is also available.

(254) 355-2057

MEISTER EXPERTS helping booth visitors resolve performance issues at IMTS 2018.

3. Challenge Our Meister Experts: At IMTS 2018 we made our entire team of Grinding Applications Engineers available to booth visitors to answer any questions they might have about improving process performance. Now we are extending the same offer to visitors of this blog. We invite you to challenge this team with your current grinding performance issues so they can help you as they have helped others. Solutions! Not product information. Our experts have decades of experience in all facets of grinding from the machines to the components and most importantly, the abrasive wheels and dressing tools. If they don’t have an immediate solution you can be sure they won’t rest until they find one.

Here’s How:   Simply email Pat Roberts, our Sales Manager. He’ll refer your question to one of his team members most familiar with your issues. You’ll get a prompt response.  If you prefer, you can also call us directly at (401) 294-2530.

The above suggestions should provide the path toward getting a firm handle on improving grinding performance now…and surviving in the jungle of increased demand. Then we’ll have a discussion about the exciting innovations introduced at IMTS as well as all our other best-in-class, custom-tailored performance enhancing abrasive products.

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Custom Tailored Solution – 500,000 more parts per year

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Finishing the contours of a fuel injection pump cam is a very challenging precision grinding application. As the cam rotates in the CNC Grinding machine, the wheel is continuously driven in and out to maintain constant contact with the part’s out-of-round surface. With every half rotation the area of contact of the wheel on the part varies from minimal to quite extensive.

Under these conditions, intermittent high surface area contact, the openness and porosity of the wheel is critical to minimize the potential for pinching off the flow of coolant into the contact area to avoid burning and other quality and throughput issues. Having a sharp wheel and being able to keep it sharp is also essential to maintain sustained levels of high productivity.

spontaneousIn this case study our customer already had a very efficient grinding process using Meister’s first generation HPB (high performance bond) technology. They had 14 grinding machines performing finish contouring of 7 million parts per year. Their process had been working well for them, but they wanted to know if Meister had subsequently introduced additional technologies that could make their process even more economical and productive. The answer was “Yes!”

Meister worked with the customer to develop a customized solution based on our new HPL anti friction grinding wheels in combination with an improved hDD hybrid diamond dresser. The new wheel’s porous HPL antifriction bond can handle and release more material without sticking or loading up the wheel. It also helps reduce friction and heat generated as additional material is liberated. This made it possible to incorporate advanced ultra-tough CBN crystals into the wheel for even more aggressive cutting while prolonging sharpness and wheel life. The hDD diamond dressers were also upgraded with new, tougher diamond crystals.

5707685195These sharper antifriction grinding wheels knocked 2 seconds off a 15 second grind time, and parts per wheel increased from 70 thousand to 115 thousand. With this customized grinding solution, our customer could produce 500 thousand additional parts per year with the same equipment. That’s enough to avoid the need to purchase an additional CNC grinding machine!

There were many other systematic benefits resulting from the custom tailored solution. See our 514-561-8332 post for a complete overview of the process.

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Retooled and enhanced Meister Toolbox on the Way

For over a decade, first as an extensive informative newsletter, “Quality Times.” and now as our blog, “The Meister Toolbox,” Meister Abrasives has become a valued resource for grinding professionals to connect to the future of superabrasives technology today. Engineers find the Toolbox a treasure trove of practical, useful information leading to improved process performance and hence bottom line profitability for their operation. Within the Toolbox can be found numerous case histories, how-to tutorials, success stories, white papers and exclusively designed tools and calculators.

There’s a good reason why the Toolbox has earned its enviable reputation and continues to draw more and more readers to its site. Meister relies on a broad and deep knowledge base built over decades of listening to its customers and developing solutions to their grinding dilemmas. That’s what makes our Applications Engineers such valuable resources. It’s also what makes the Toolbox so appealing. It’s our way to pass this knowledge to you.

And so, after a decade of success, we took our own advice and applied process engineering to make a good Toolbox even better.  Here are a few teasers to wet the appetite.

New Navigation Pages:  Now it will be easier to find your specific interest because individual navigation pages will better represent our key categories.

Easier Searching:  There’s a tremendous amount of material in the Toolbox, so we will offer several searching alternatives to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

7324239186Timely Case Histories, White Papers and How-To Tutorials: The constant flow of new product innovations like HPL, cDD dressers, and pellet wheels keep us ahead of the competition while also creating new solutions for applications beyond their original intent. Learn it first in our blog.

More Tools/Calculators: We currently have a lineup of 9 very popular tools and calculators, including the total cost calculation tool and the dressing calculation tool. There will undoubtedly be more tools coming to answer new problems presented by evolving grinding technologies.

Ask the Experts: The popularity of this feature at the recent IMTS 2018 was such that we’re making it a part of the new Toolbox. We’ll have a lineup of our Applications Engineers, Meister’s CEO/CTO Dr. Peter Beyer, plus well-known field experts ready to tackle even the most difficult query.

Look for the completely retooled and enhanced Meister Toolbox during the first quarter of 2019. In the meantime we’ll be continuing to bring you news and information on the present Toolbox.



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CASE STUDY: HPL Technology for Cam Grinding

500,000 more camshafts per year!


This case study describes the successful implementation of HPL bonding technology for high-production cam-form grinding of fuel injection pump shafts.




  • High-volume producer of fuel injection pumps
  • 14 Studer grinding machines producing 7 million pump shafts per year
  • Originally using Meister HPB (High Performance Bond) vitrified CBN wheels and hDD Hybrid Rotary Dressing Tools.
  • Goals were to increase production capacity and reduce abrasive cost/part.

Original Process Parameters

  • Part: pump shaft cam
  • Material: steel 100Cr6
  • Hardness: 60-64 HRc
  • Stock removal: Ø0.5mm
  • Finish: 3-4 µm Rz
  • Machine: Studer S22
  • Wheel speed: 60 m/s
  • Coolant: oil
  • Dressing ratio: +90%
  • Dress interval: 150 parts
  • Grind time: 15 sec

Tools Comparison

(323) 415-7942

Process Improvements

  • Grind time: from 15-sec to 13-sec (13% improvement)
  • Dressing Interval: from 150 to 250 parts (67% improvement)
  • Surface finish: from (3-4) Rz to (3-3.5) Rz (improved part quality)


  • Capacity increase due to time savings of 2sec per part resulted in 162 days per year (= additional production of 500,000 shafts)
  • Grinding wheel tool life increased from 70,000 to 115,000 parts (tool consumption reduced from 100 to 61 wheels per year)
  • Savings in downtime (wheel change 20min x 39 wheels = 13 hours or additional production of 1,700 shafts)
  • Overall improved size and form holding
  • Stresstec-Reading was more constant

For more information about this case study and how HPL technology could help you improve your own grinding process, see  our article; (418) 944-8600


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(213) 477-9573

From all of us at Meister Abrasives, we wish you a safe and happy Holiday Season. We look forward to working with you in 2019, and thank you for your business.

Please note Meister will be closed from December 22nd returning January 2nd 2019.

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Beat a path to Meister’s IMTS Booth #237341

If you’re looking to substantially enhance grinding quality, precision, and productivity, we have some exciting solutions. We’re introducing new products that represent the very latest in process-improving abrasive wheel and dresser technologies.

  • NEW single point stationary dressers delivering invariable process consistency throughout thousands of dressing cycles.
  • NEW micro-precision cDD diamond dressers providing radius form tolerances certified to within  2µm (+/- 0.001 mm)…the best in industry tool radius tolerance.
  • FIELD TRIALS extending commercialization of Meister’s new HPL anti-friction bonding technology.
  • NEW double-disk fine grinding wheels now manufactured in the USA with processes mirroring those used by Meister Abrasives Switzerland.

Meet the Experts!

Need help troubleshooting a particular grinding problem that’s driving you crazy? Our new airy, wide-open booth layout was specifically designed so that you could talk comfortably one-on-one with a Meister Applications Engineer.  They aren’t looking to give you a sales pitch. Instead, they can offer some “been there-done that” ideas about what could be causing your particular dilemma.

And just to add a little sweetener,  when you stop by our 2629827353in the North Hall be sure to sample some of our Swiss Chocolate!

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Introducing Andrew George

Sales / Applications Engineer – Midwest States

Meister Abrasives is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew George as Sales/Applications Engineer to support our customers in the Midwest States of WI, IL, MI, IN, and OH. Andy has over 20 years of experience in grinding and machine tool technology, having worked for such companies as RBC Bearings, Meccanica Nova, and GT Technologies.

Andy’s extensive experience makes him an exceptional resource for processes improvement and optimization, utilizing Meister’s advanced superabrasive technologies. He is headquartered in northern Indiana.

If you’re planning to visit IMTS this year, be sure to stop by our booth and meet him. (North Hall booth 237341).

Andrew George
Sales / Applications Engineer – Midwest
Phone: (419) 438-0807
Email: ageorge@meister-abrasives-usa.com

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Visit us at IMTS for the Very Latest in Process-Improving Abrasive Wheel Technology!

Looking for process-improving technology that can substantially enhance grinding quality, precision, and productivity?  Then add Meister’s IMTS Booth #237341 in the North Hall to your “must visit” itinerary. Here are some advancements to put on your radar screen.

New cDD Single-Point Stationary Dressers: Conventional single diamond crystal dressers can exhibit substantial wear and tip flattening after as few as 100-200 dressing cycles. This materially changes the overlap ratio of the dresser on the tool, resulting in inconsistent, fluctuating grinding process performance. You can be stuck with grinding burn, dimensional variation, and geometry problems with roundness and concentricity.

With Meister’s revolutionary cDD single-point stationary dressers, those problems are gone! We embed one or more CVD rods into a proprietary diamond hybrid-bonding matrix. No longer is there a need to rotate or replace the tool due to dull or blunted contact surfaces between the dressing tool and the grinding wheel. A constant diamond contact width is maintained even after thousands of dressing cycles. Result?  Exceptional process stability, uniform part quality, and reduced costs.

New HPL Anti-Friction Abrasive Products: Introduced only a year ago, these products are formulated to eliminate part burning while maintaining superior grinding productivity. They represent a significant extension of Meister’s proprietary HPB (High Performance Bonding) Technology. They rely on premium grade CBN crystals fixed within a durable, porous, anti-friction bonding matrix to allow substantially faster grinding of difficult materials without sacrificing quality due to wheel loading and/or part burning.

6069316387Applications include deep bore grinding with limited cooling access, blind-end bore grinding, and heavy-stock form-grinding of tool steels, to name a few. In fact, in over 85% of the trials performed this past year, customers reported the new HPL technology worked very well, often providing cost-effective advantages over standard vit-CBN grinding products. That’s indeed newsworthy, and when you stop by our booth we can tell you more about the tests.  You just might have an ideal application for this innovative anti-friction product.

New Micro-Precision cDD Diamond Dressers:  These long-lasting micro-precision dressing tools dramatically reduce process variability while improving quality and productivity of grinding processes. The radius form tolerance of these new micro-precision diamond dressers can be certified accurate to within 2 µm (+/- 0.001 mm) if the application requires. This represents the best in industry tool radius tolerances so essential for today’s most demanding micro-precision grinding applications.

New Double-Disk Fine Grinding Wheels: Meister Abrasives USA is able to provide custom-tailored solutions for grinding ultra-flat and parallel part surfaces.  Meister pellet wheels have earned an enviable reputation for more consistent close tolerance fine grinding performance along with uniform wheel wear characteristics. Also noteworthy is that these large vit CBN and Diamond abrasive wheels can be produced up to  1,225 mm (approximately 4 ft.) in diameter right here in USA relying on the same materials, equipment, processes, and quality protocols used by Meister Abrasives in Switzerland.

Meet the Solutions Experts: Our Applications Engineers know the industry inside out. If one of your goals at IMTS 2018 is to find ways to improve your abrasive machining processes, then make it a point to stop by the booth and talk to them. They will be happy to speak with you.

And when you stop by our 5157380392 in the North Hall be sure to sample some of our Swiss Chocolate!


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Meet the Experts!

At Meister we’re not interested in “me-too” products and solutions. We rely on a broad and deep knowledge base, built over decades of listening to our customers and developing solutions for their grinding problems. That’s what makes our Applications Engineers so valuable, and it is why at this year’s IMTS you are introduced to a host of new and truly innovative Meister grinding products.

Our Applications Engineers know the industry inside out. Each has years of experience in many different facets from the machines, to the components, and most importantly the abrasive wheels and dressing tools.

If one of your goals at IMTS 2018 is to find ways to improve your abrasive machining processes, then make it a point to stop by our booth (N-237341). Our folks aren’t looking to give you a sales pitch. They want to hear about your grinding performance objectives and what seems to be getting in the way. If they don’t have an immediate solution then you can be sure they won’t rest until they find one.

The Meister Booth Team:

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Lean and Innovative

Why the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for may be waiting for you at Meister Abrasives’ 2018 IMTS Exhibit


Dr. Peter Beyer

In the late 1970’s Meister Abrasives pioneered the vitrified CBN grinding technology that other abrasives suppliers in the western world would not offer their customers for another decade. Meister prided itself in being lean and innovative… a technology-driven, customer-focused company intent on giving its user competitive advantages geared to improving quality, reducing costs, shortening lead times and solving technical problems presented by advanced materials and challenging geometries. That tradition continues to this day.

At the turn of the new century, Meister engaged Dr. Peter Beyer to become the Head of R&D and its Chief Technology Officer. He undertook a series of research initiatives that have kept Meister products in the forefront of abrasive machining solutions:


HPB Bond structure

HPB Technology: One of these developments was a unique, highly open HPB bonding matrix technology that allows Meister to alter the microscopic bond posts within the wheel to adjust the way abrasive crystals are presented to the workpiece. This technology, used with CBN abrasive crystals, has been shown to improve productivity while also reducing dressing frequency. HPB technology was formally introduced in 2004 and its development and extension has been ongoing.

Super-Porous Hybrid Bond

Hybrid Technology Extended to Dressers: cDD dressing tools rely on a unique structure in which high-quality CVD diamond inserts are strategically embedded within Meister’s hDD porous hybrid-bond diamond matrix. cDD dressing tools excel at both truing and sharpening. The hybrid-bond diamond matrix does a large amount of the dressing, while the inserts provide structural support and reinforcement. The cumulative advantages include: low dressing forces; sharper cutting wheels for higher quality parts; lower dress in-feeds and higher skip-dress. And the dressing tool stays sharp, so no conditioning is required.

On-Going Developments: Based on this proprietary research focus, Meister is continually expanding the range of high quality Diamond and CBN crystal alternatives and developing multiple bonding matrix solutions that allow the company to custom tailor its products to match application specific needs, such as:

  • Single point diamond dressers that dramatically improve the performance of conventional grinding equipment.
  • Anti-friction grinding tools that solve the problem of part burning.
  • Double disk fine-grinding wheels for generating superior part surfaces.
  • Super-abrasive technology transfers from unique applications in one market to solve abrasive manufacturing problems in another.

“Pushing the boundaries of current abrasive products is business as usual at Meister.”

No ‘Me-Too’ Products: Dr. Beyer said: “During the past decade Meister Abrasives has made enormous strides in the development of grinding and dressing tool substrates with unique bonding matrices. We are simply not interested in developing ‘Me-Too’ products that everyone else offers. So we develop everything ourselves. We rely on broad and deep knowledge, based on more than 60 years experience listening to our customers and developing solutions for their grinding problems.

“The advantages we create for one customer often apply to many others. For example, we have developed many technologies and materials specifically for the semiconductor industry. Now we have used these technologies at times for our classic VIT CBN applications. For example, our next innovation for gear grinding with CBN is powered by our semiconductor work and this spinoff is producing some really surprising results.”

These efforts have allowed Meister Abrasives to devise new categories of customizable, vitrified and hybrid bonded abrasive products that improve the performance of conventional grinding equipment and extend the already impressive capabilities of new CNC abrasive machining systems.

If your goals at IMTS are to find ways to improve your abrasive machining processes, then stop by the Meister booth (N-237341). We’re not looking to give you a sales pitch. We want to hear about your grinding performance objectives and what seems to be getting in the way.

If our Applications Engineers don’t have an immediate answer, then Dr. Beyer will most likely be hearing about it and putting it into his R&D queue.

We look forward to visiting with you at IMTS, Meister Abrasives Booth N-237341.



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